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National Gaot farm provide full care for goats and having vrious variety/breeds of goat at farm. We are located at outskirt of Delhi NCR area in Uttar Pradesh. We provide complete solutions for goat farmers at our goat farm to those who are interested in goat farming. We take care of feed management in which a healthy diet provide to the goat for easy weight gain as well as healthy body for proper kidding for female goats. In wateer management we provied fresh water for drinking purpose, regularly change of water to protect them from water deseases. Space management keeps goat energetic and active, a proper space management is neccessory for their growth and it impact on their health. So better space management is required for the goat farm for healthy goat production. Desease management is also play an important role in growing goat and bucks, "Precaution is better than cure", we follow this quote to make sure that goat at National goat farm can grow healthy. This mean that proper vaccination provide strenght to goat to fight for various deseases. Medication provide better health for better growth, in which time to time medical checkup, deworming, and provide proper medicines for any purpose help goat stay healty for long time.

All these management at farm provide us confidence in building goat farm a healthy goat farm in India. We also provide training for those thinking for opening a goat farm.

You can also pertner with us to grow your goats at our farm to grow together to make good business.

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You can book your goat by calling at given phone number, and after booking goat, our executive will make you understand all the details. You will need to pay for the goat kid to confirm the booking.



Purchase goat (Bakra) from National Goat farm, leave it till grow, take him before eid as per your convenience.

Easy Return Policy

We take care of your goat and keep him at healthy environment under supervision of trained and skilled staff.

Regular Dr. visit keep them healthy.

Regular health checkup of goats (Bakra).

Good healty food.

Home Delivery facility.

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National Goat Farm India

C-133, Street No. 9, Wazirabad Village, New Delhi-110084

Branch Office:
7855/5 Nai Basti Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi-110006

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National Goat Farm, Siyana, Dist. Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh, India

National Goat Farm, Office: C-133 Street No. 9, Wazirabad Village, New Delhi-110084

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