How to cure PPR in Goat

What is PPR?
Peste des Petits Ruminants
PPR is a viral disease spread in winters or rainy season. This is highly dangerous disease, and infected animal can die also. So it is required extra care if the goat /sheep are infected with PPR virus.
High fewer
Sever Diarrhea (Loos-motion)
Larcotic Leisonsin oral cavity (Mouth disease)
No food intake
Head down
Eyes Lacrimation (Water from eyes)
Laboured respiration
constipation also

Be careful vaccinate your animal for PPR, which is very important. Still your goat infected by PPR so use the treatment below.

Inj. Meloxy 2 ml (Melona X)
Inj. Tigent 1.5 ml – antibiotic (Fortivir)
Inj. Amphil 3 ml – Make the respiratory system easy
Inj. Selferol 3ml – Immunity enhancement
samogel cream – Mouth recovery

Keep your goat at dry place.

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