Purchase goat (Bakra) from us, >> leave it till grow, >> take him before Eid as per your convenience. Home Delivery facility available.

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We take care of your goat and keep him at healthy environment under supervision of trained and skilled staff.

Regular Dr. visit keep them healthy.

Regular health checkup of goats (Bakra).

Good healty food.

Home Delivery facility.

National Goat farm provide various services at farm. We take care of your goat and grow in healthy environment whole year. we run various training program as per requirement and feedback. Some of the services providing at NGFindia are listed below.

We grow your goat

You can also grow your goat at our farm: We provide space and other related help to open a goat farm. You can hire proper space to grow your goats at our farm. It will save initial cost to build farm, and you don’t need to waste money in building farm. Just hire goat farm in very reasonable cost and start your goat farm.

Training about goat farming:

We provide proper training about goat farming, so that you can calculate your cost and make other managements.

Training for Feed Management:

We provide fodder management to improve feed quality as well as cost effective.

Training for Water Management:

Water management is also important and we provide free training for water management at farm in India.

Training for Vaccination:

Vaccination also play an important role in growing healthy goat, so knowing about vaccination is very important. We provide training on how to vaccinate your goat and which vaccination need to apply at what time.

Disease management:

Disease management is very important in helping goats to grow healthy. Knowing about diseases and their treatment on time is very important to reduce mortality rate in goats. We provide proper training about diseases and their treatment on time.

Vaccination and Medication (Medical):

Medicines on time and provide other healthy tonics improve growth of goat. Study about important natural nutrition and their effects on goat body is very important to make good business from goat farming.

All these management at farm provide us confidence in building goat farm a healthy goat farm in India. We also provide training for those thinking for opening a goat farm.

You can also partner with us to grow your goats at our farm at very reasonable cost. Grow together to make good business.

For showing interest you can Call Us at 8505973545